Terms and Conditions

General Conditions
TrailAddiction Ltd (7441696) is a tour operator, with its HQ at 16 Mount Pleasant Avenue, 7010 Nelson, New Zealand. trailAddiction Ltd operates Mountain Biking Holidays and Events on several continents around the world. European Packages and Events are operated under the responsibility of local partners with oversight and management of trailAddiction (NZ) Ltd.

trailAddiction, Enduro2, and Trans-Savoie are registered trademarks exclusively lisenced to trailAddiction (NZ) Ltd and its authorised subcontractors.

Payment of balance
Payment of the final balance must reach us 12 weeks before your arrival date. Failure to pay this amount on time may lead to cancellation charges. For bookings made after this date, the full balance of the holiday is payable at the time of booking.

Changes to bookings
Any changes made to the original details supplied on your booking form will be accommodated if possible. If we cannot accommodate your changes we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled.

Cancellation charges
Cancellation notice is required in writing and charges may be made as listed. In exceptional circumstances (for example, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic) these charges may be waived. If this is the case, this will be clearly stated by trailAddiction Ltd at the time of booking. Otherwise the following charges will apply as standard:
12 weeks = no cancellation charge.
12-8 weeks = 50% of total holiday cost.
8-4 = weeks 80% of total holiday cost.
Under 4 weeks = 100% of total holiday cost.
The booking deposit is non-refundable in all cases except if booked under special circumstances as above.
At our discretion, in the event of cancelation due to unforeseen circumstances eg illness or injury, we will allow you to defer you holiday or race entry to the following year or later dates, for a small administration fee.

Shuttle Vehicles and Airport Transfers
Clients use trailAddiction shuttle vehicles and bike trailers entirely at their own risk. TrailAddiction cannot guarantee pick-ups and drop-offs from Geneva airport to suit all flight times. We will try to be flexible to suit all customers, but please check with us first that we will be able to accommodate your specific flight schedule before booking flights. Delayed or cancelled flights are out of the control of trailAddiction, and as such trailAddiction will not be responsible for missed airport transfers. TrailAddiction cannot guarantee arrival at the airport at the pre-arranged time. Events such as vehicle breakdown, bad traffic, adverse weather, accident, driver or guest illness and many other unexpected events can delay our shuttle service and lead to late arrival at the airport. trailAddiction will not be held responsible in any way for missed flight departure under any circumstances.

Food & Medical Allergies
We are usually able to cater for food allergies and special dietary requirements. For customers with serious allergies, it is your responsibility to check directly with the chalet chef on arrival that he is aware of your condition and the precise requirements of your allergy and medical needs. Do not assume that this information has been passed on correctly via the booking process (it's not worth the risk!). Similarly, if you have any medical requirements or allergies please inform your guide directly before going on any group ride and confirm that he is fully aware of your needs should an emergency situation arise.

Rider responsibility and Safety
If a trailAddiction guide proceeds along a trail, you cannot assume it is safe for you also to proceed. The sole responsibility is for you, the guest, to check for other trail users, and indeed any other hazards, before proceeding.

Alpine Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport. All riders ride entirely at their own risk and must make their own judgements on their abilities. Although we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our riders, trailAddiction staff cannot and will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained whilst riding. Riders should be aware, that due to the challenging nature of the trails, and the sheer volume of riding you will do during your stay, the likelihood of having a fall whilst biking is high. The injuries sustained can range from nothing, very minor bruising, spraining and/or grazing, to broken limbs, deep cuts or in extreme cases, paralysis or death. The extent of injuries will be reduced by wearing appropriate safety equipment as detailed below (see Safety Equipment). However, the only way to be sure of avoiding injury, is not to ride at all. By signing these terms and conditions you accept the above risks and understand that any injuries sustained are beyond the control and responsibility of trailAddiction staff and associates.

TrailAddiction hosts know the mountain biking area extremely well, from years of riding and exploring. If you choose to attend accompanied rides, trailAddiction staff are always happy impart their local knowledge to guests. However, if you choose to act on this knowledge (the location of a certain trail, the condition of a piece of terrain, your ability to ride it safely) you do so so at your own risk and discretion, and as such trailAddiction cannot accept responsibility for any accident involving a trailAddiction guest which may occur during the mountain biking activity. Much of the trail-riding recommended by trailAddiction hosts is found in remote, unmaintained and natural environments. TrailAddiction staff cannot guarantee the safety of these trails from one day to the next. You must accept that natural hazards such as boulders, drops, cliffs, stream-crossings, fallen trees, uneven surfaces, flooding and severe subsidence can and do exist without warning, and that trailAddiction cannot be responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused by such hazards.

Trail Traffic
All of the trails outside of the dedicated Les Arcs mountain bike area are open to walkers and other members of the public. You must give way to any other bikers, horseriders, walkers and any other path users you may encounter. More importantly, you agree to control your speed at all times, in particular at crests, bends, or other places where you cannot see oncoming traffic, such that you can stop without any danger to yourself or other trail users. The guest accepts full liability for all their actions including those that result in injury or damage to property sustained; to themselves, to other trailAddiction customers, and to members of the general public / users of the mountain.

Accidents and First Aid
All trailAddiction staff carry a basic first aid kit and emergency contact details for use in the event of an accident. If you are injured whilst accompanied by a host, the host will always act in your best interests and use their mountain experience to act appropriately. However, trailAddiction staff are not trained medics, and therefore you should not accept any medication or treatment offered in good faith without making your own judgement as to whether it is appropriate or safe to do so. You accept full responsibility for any side effect to medication or treatment offered. You must inform trailAddiction staff of any allergies at the time of booking. Similarly, if you would prefer not to be treated at all by trailAddiction staff, and wait for trained professionals to arrive at the scene in the event of an accident (noting that you may be unconscious in the event of a severe fall), please advise us accordingly before your first ride.

Safety Briefing
All guests, regardless of experience, must attend a short welcome speech and safety briefing on arrival at the chalet. This will cover a general overview of bike set-up, general terrain hazards and weather conditions you need to be mindful of whilst riding in the area.

Medical/Accident/Cancellation Insurance
TrailAddiction guests must have Insurance cover for their holiday and sign the trailAddiction responsibility waiver upon arrival at the holiday destination. Cover must specifically include cover for a full reimbursement in the event that the holiday is cancelled for whatever reason, and we would be grateful if you would make sure that all of the holiday costs you have incurred, including any ancillary expenditure such as flights, seperate accommodation and transfers, loss of enjoyment or any and all other heads of claim which may for time to time arise are included in your cover. All medical and accident recovery insurance for injuries gained whilst mountain biking on unmarked trails should also be obtained and all guests must bring a valid copy of their insurance certificate and present it to trailAddiction staff in resort, before any accompanied riding can commence.

Approved Bicycle Helmet
A helmet is an absolutely essential item of mountain biking kit. trailAddiction staff will do everything in their power to prevent riders without a helmet from setting out on a ride. Many guests choose to use a traditional half-lid cycling helmet which is appropriate for backcountry riding, however for more aggressive downhill riding it is recommended that guests use a full-face helmet for added protection in the event of a heavy fall onto the face. trailAddiction staff will refuse to accompany any rider who is not wearing a cycle helmet in apparently good condition.

Suitable strong biking gloves are an essential item and must be worn at all times whilst riding. They protect against cuts and grazing in the event of a fall.

Protective Pads
Whilst forearm-elbow and knee-shin pads are not usually seen as an essential item of mountain biking kit, trailAddiction strongly recommends for all of its guests to use pads. Protective pads are proven on a regular basis to reduce the potential severity of external wounds and can also reduce the likelihood of broken bones in the event of an accident